The Beginning

Well, here we are. The website. The first step we took to creating Technaesthetic. We played around with many names, but we landed on a name that embodies both what we are (A tech podcast) and what we appreciate in the latest tech of today. For example, look at Beautiful, clean designs with good vibes, and fantastic functionality. That’s where the aesthetic part comes from- a beautiful mix of form and function.

Eric and his Model 3

Of course, we are really just describing what we strive for. Tech isn’t always pretty, but our favorite pieces of tech find a way to strike a balance between a clean look and technical features. We want to talk about the latest in the tech industry, but in reality, we also want to talk about our lives as tech enthusiasts.

Let me introduce myself

Eric’s first hard-tubing PC build

My name is Eric, and even though it’s hard for me to summarize who I am, I’ll give it a shot. I’m a tech enthusiast, maker, tinkerer, engineer, and gamer. I’m someone who loves building Gaming PCs, and also uses a Macbook Pro on the daily. I love and appreciate great craftsmanship, like that found in mechanical watches, and powerful features, like an Apple Watch. I’m also someone who considers himself pretty well rounded when it comes to technology. From Windows, to MacOS- iOS, to Android. I have used it all, and enjoy trying out the latest and greatest. I also consider myself someone who looks at the details. For example, I am very particular when it comes to display technology, and have spent countless hours researching the best gaming monitors over the years, looking for the best gaming experience possible. Speaking of, I’m someone who chases the “best experience” – within reason, of course. I’m not trying to destroy my bank account, but I’m someone willing to pay for the “best”- so long as the best isn’t out of reach.

Overall, I’m someone who absolutely loves all forms of technology- so much so, that I have a ton to say about it. That’s where Technaesthetic comes in!

Randy- my partner in crime

Speaking of Aesthetics, Randy is notorious for posting photos of his setup on Reddit. Somewhere on either in /r/battlestations, /r/watercooling, or a similar PC sub, we started talking. Turns out, we are quite similar. Both of us are on the same page when it comes to tech, and value the same stuff. Over the years, we have been talking Tech online, and we joked about recording our discussions because of how engaging they are. Well, it’s no longer a joke. Here we are, about to blow your mind with our tech discussions. Watch as we become over-enthusiastic about the little things in Tech that we absolutely love.

Awesome, so what now?

We literally just got started, so we are ironing out the details as to when we will start publishing these things, and where. But know this- we will be on all the major platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube, and Google. You’ll be able to listen or watch us if we do this correctly. We just need to get the logo figured out, and some other artsy things. Once we do that, expect us to do a weekly podcast, along with cover some of the latest news topics as they pop up. Hell, if we love doing it, we can refine our workflow to the point where we can do more frequent podcasts. Until then, stay tuned.

My obligatory PC-O11 Dynamic build